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the realm of Angalon

Angalon is a wholly original medieval fantasy land. Adventuring in Angalon goes beyond playing a 'numbers game'.
Strict attention to detail, good grammar, and a remarkable sense of consistency and believability
have produced a world of adventure and questing that will start you dreaming.

Welcome! Please explore our creation. Be familiar with the rules, and choose
a sensible name for a medieval fantasy game. And may the Watcher look kindly upon you.

Set your TELNET client to angalon.tamu.edu port 3011
(IP number

Connect to Angalon NOW!   (if you have your browser configured with a TELNET application)

Connection Help (if you don't have a TELNET client or you can't get yours to work right.)

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Angalon can be reached via email at: angalon@angalon.tamu.edu

Angalon is an independent entity and as such is not associated with
Texas A&M University. Users are personally responsible for the actions
of their characters at all times.

Graphics and Designs by Bleuu @Angalon            Webmaster is Doyel @ Angalon