The MUD Concept

The highest level of authority on Angalon are the Alseyrs.
Below the Alseyrs are the Skyyseyrs, whose authority is only slightly less.
The Lanwardrs follow. They are responsible for a domain within which many Wardrs can work.
Wardrs prepare new parts of Angalon for exploration and protect those areas already populated.
Newardrs are those who are freshly come to immortality and have yet to join the ranks of the Wardrs.
Frewardrs are Wardrs who have achieved special recognition.
Seyrs are those whose achievements outside Angalon have earned them a special rank here.
Slewardrs no longer take an active part in the development of Angalon.
Again this will only be granted to those the Alseyrs and Skyyseyrs believe worthy.

Finally, lowest on the chain of authority are the mortals. Yet in a peculiar sense, it is the mortals who have the greatest authority. For if there are no mortals to enjoy the world, Angalon has very little reason to exist.

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