How to enter angalon:
The angalon web page includes a link that you can click on to enter angalon.
The link attempts to start a Telnet application and connect to the address, with port number 3011.

You may have to configure your web browser first so it knows where to find
your Telnet application.

Using 'telnet' is the most basic way to connect to Angalon (or most other
muds). It opens a basic, line based text connection to the mud.
This works, and many people don't use anything else. An advantage is also
that almost any operating system supports Telnet. UNIX, and Windows 95 and
NT as well, have such a Telnet program built in.

What can also be used is a so called 'mud client' program. For windows,
zmud is a popular one. For UNIX based systems, tinyfugue is popular.
Mud clients offer various extras to the mudder, and basically make life

For more information see the mud faqs, posted frequently in They are also archived in many places on the
world wide web, for instance at:

Connect to Angalon HERE if you have your browser set to accept Telnet sessions.


If you can see the Angalon opening welcome message, the first thing it will ask you for
is your login name (or a new name if you have never been on  before).

If you type and nothing happens try turning on the "local echo" in you telnet client.

If it just returns to the start of the line after you type in your character's name,
configure your telnet client to have "CR=CR/LF" and try again.

Good Luck!