Logging in the First Time

It is assumed you have managed to connect to Angalon. If you cannot do this using telnet or your Mud client, perhaps try the link from the Angalon home page, titled: " Connect to Angalon NOW!" What you need to do in order to be able to play the game is to create a player character. Your adventurer.

Name: First you get a question where you are asked to type your name. (That was where you typed 'gameinfo' to get this stupid text...) Be advised that the name you enter there is the name of your adventurer in the game. The name you choose is for you to keep all through the game and it can not be changed. Be sure to choose a name appropriate to the fantasy setting of Angalon.
Password: When you have chosen a name you will be asked to enter a password. This password is for you to know and none to find out. It prevents others from playing your character and thus impostering you. The password has to be at least 6 characters long and will not be echoed on your screen as you type it. You will have to confirm it by typing it a second time.
E-mail address: Now you will be asked to enter your E-mail address if you have one. It enables us to get in contact with you if the need should arise. If you don't have one, just enter 'none'. This can be changed later.
Race: Then it is time for you to choose what race your character should be. You may choose between: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Hobbit and Orc. They all start with slightly different stats, but are balanced overall.
Weight/volume/description: Here is a funny one. You are asked to determine what your player look like. Is it a very skinny, skinny, normal, fat or very fat player. It might seem corny but there are situations when that information will be useful. You will also get a chance to pick two descriptors which will identify you to others who don't know your name.
Skills: Finally you get to select a set of starting skills. These represent whatever training you received prior to beginning your adventurer days.

Having done all this, your character will be created. Go to top of page

Angalon can be reached via email at: angalon@angalon.tamu.edu