Prehistory of Angalon

Earlier there were many different kinds of MUD versions. The old MUD games have made way for newer versions with new features but the idea is still the same. You roamed the world looking for treasures to find and monsters to slay. When you gained experience you advanced in level until you finally made it to a level where you could become immortal. Unfortunately the old MUDs had a major fault. You were not able to affect the world in any major ways. Some MUDs allowed you to add descriptions but designing new adventures and expanding the world was restricted to the administrator.

Then there was new light. A guy named Lars Pensj designed a new type of MUD and called it "LPMUD". It was early spring 1990. Every item and object was now defined by a piece of C code. If you wished to make a change, that specific code was edited. Players who finally reached the desired immortal level were given the ability to code and make changes. Suddenly the game began to grow. Immortals designed their own castles and filled the dungeons with monsters, quests and treasures.

A new world was created. The first of its kind. Genesis.

After a while some things were made quite clear. Not everyone is an ideal designer. Some immortals created enormous treasure hoards guarded by wimpy monsters just to attract the players to HIS creations. Others were making vast empty areas which were not much fun to explore. Again something had to be done...

The light above the inventor's head grew brighter and some new rules were adopted. The immortals now had to join domains supported by a leader - on Genesis, a 'Lord'. Each domain worked towards a specific goal and the Lord was responsible to the 'gods' if his wizards showed bad judgment. With the gods overseeing their followers' work, things got more organized and Genesis was cleaned up.

In the summer of '91 we were about to make a new great change of the game. Things that we had learned to be counterproductive were removed or improved. Features that had been missed were added. The changes was so profound that it again became a new LPMUD version. People were coding like crazy during the summer and made good progress. Today the game is still running.

However, a large number of other LPMUD games (other worlds) have popped up here and there. The earlier LPMUD versions have been exported to sites near and far. One of the firstborn of the new Genesis LPMUD base was Angalon, beginning in 1992. In January of 1993 Angalon was opened for mortals to explore. This type of game has become quite popular and we are proud to be able to say that Angalon has evolved directly from Genesis, the original.

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