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Explore the great lands of Angalon, as you search out your destiny...
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The town of Angalon is located in the Horseshoe at the northern end of the Gulf of Angallas. The name of the town is the same as the new name of the continent, called by the people of the Lands to honour the town, which persisted during the era of confusion on the continent of Angalon. Angalon town is known to be the home of the Immortals, those who have puzzled out the call that went forth at the time of the Cataclysm, and now labor to protect, preserve and enhance their beloved world of Angalon. That this town survived throughout all chaos is because of the protecting magic of the wizards. The town has been since it was founded, and still is a gathering place for many adventurers that set out from there on many voyages across the Lands. Newcomers to the continent of Angalon may read about some of the mysteries of this great realm, in the Beginner Book, just south of the town square.

Emerald Village

The Emerald Village is usually the first location visitors will come to upon entering Emberland. Here stands the Emerald Castle, where the Owlkin King of Emberland lives. Several shops are also located here, as well as information concerning possible quests throughout Emberland. Some farmland lies near to the village, as well as forested and mountainous terrain.

Deep Vale

Deep Vale is the true haven of the Shifterkin. Most creatures found here are shifterkin (above ground, at least). Within Deep Vale are three villages, a pub, the High Temple of Zewwi, a lake, and a vast cave system. The caves were dug by order of the King, and carried out by the Arch Duke of Deep Vale many generations ago to be used as storage areas. However, evil and horrible creatures appeared in the caves (due to the wild magic of Zewwi which is so strong in Deep Vale) and they were left unused. The creatures do not leave the caves, and the Shifterkin do not enter them.

The Riftlands

The Riftlands region is a wasteland created by the turmoil and destruction of The Axing. The Riftlands run almost due northeast-southwest. For its entire length, the Riftlands is bounded on either side by rugged mountains. At the southwest end is the King's Port where the region has all it's ocean going traffic. At the northeast end is Emerald Village. The Riftlands also contains the Felpath forest, near the ocean, due east of the King's Port. Many dangers exist in this barren wasteland, and it is rumored that pirates have pillaged what little civilization existed.

Broken Tower (Karradani Ruins)

Long ago, at the peak of the first civilization on Angalon, the region of Emberland was the center of the evil wizardly Karradan Empire. When Zewwi destroyed the Karradani, all their works were destroyed except to the far south in the archipellago. However, Lord Kestral, the most powerful of all the ancient Karradani mages, had placed great wards around his personal tower, which withstood both Zewwi's destruction and the ages since. Although not able to completely withstand the wrath of Zewwi, the remnants of the tower still remain. What secrets lie within are only to be known by great explorers.

Fauvro Rock

This small island lies far south of Sebron, on the northern margin of the Treacherous Sea. Ships that choose to travel around the Isles Archipellago to the south (usually to avoid pirates) must negotiate some very nasty rocks near this island. Almost a century ago, Hirk Dartog set up a light- house on Fauvro Rock to make the journey easier. Hirk's son, Girk, still mans the lighthouse today. The island itself is well suited to its purpose. The southern shore presents an excellent dock, protected by an offshore break. The northern edge is raised high above sea level, aiding the light in projecting far across the sea.
Rumours abound of treasure hidden on this island. Most, if not all of these rumours originate from a certain hobbit named Bogglin, who lives most of his life in the Sebron pub. Hence these rumours can be safely ignored.

Mount Ash

Mount Ash was once home to an ancient race, that has been all but erased by a series of eruptions that occurred there. The Monks that ply these waters, followers of The Nameless One, can often be found searching the ruins for clues about the original inhabitants. Mount Ash was once the site of a city called Elysivm, with buildings made from imposing pillars. The inhabitants were taller than most people, with skeletons eight feet tall being found.
Today the Monks of The Nameless One provide passage to Mount Ash for the archaeologist members of their faith. Visitors are welcome, however they must beware of strange creatures living on the mountain. The Monks are warned to stick to the plains near the dock. A few monks have ventured up the winding, spiral track towards the summit. A cairn can be found part way up, commemorating the few that never returned.

Chalupean Isles

This loosely knit group of islands is known for both its gold, pearl, and paper industry and it's quiet, relaxed atmosphere for the older generations waning years. Rumours of a caged dragon are not to be scoffed at, as many a roar can be heard in the late nights, and many pets have turned up missing.

Damon is the largest town in the Chalupean Isles.It is reknowned for its shipbuilding. You can reach Damon by travelling to the Chalupean Isles via Sebron.


Gandar does not exist.It's famed to be the lawless hangout of pirates and other irreputable peoples, but, no verfiable trade routes exist to it, and it's location isn't available on any nautical chart. Anyone reputing to be able to get you there should not be trusted.


Sebron is a busy trade port located in the Archapellago. Many vagrants, nomads and adventurers pass through here in search of fortune and fame. Fine wares are often peddled here, on the southern tip of the port.


The new civilization that eventually spread throughout the Lands started in Mineth, were knights, under the pressure of outside invaders, created a stronghold of order in the midst of turmoil. Trade started up again there, and soon Mineth grew into a teeming city. Mineth is the birthplace of modern civilization. Our ancient ancestors, guided by the Oracle, settled there during the dark times following the cataclysm. There they built a great city, which stood strong against the barbaric hordes of the wastelands that covered the continent. Mineth is the great city; it is the place where humanity rebuilt after the dark times.

The all-seeing advisor of the council of Mineth, known as the Oracle once led our ancestors here across the wastelands of the cataclysm and founded the city in the shelter of the cliff. Without him, civilization should never have existed. He dwells in the garden at the centre of the first tier. The garden is a magical place. It is said that only those to whom the Oracle wishes to speak may navigate it. It is a mysterious place, filled with many dangers.Those who displease the Oracle are said to meet their end in the garden. If you doubt your purity, I would advise you to stay well away!

Verzian Isles

The Verzian Isles, including Cammh, Bannagh and Elga, can be found in the Mineth sea, south of Mineth. Explore the northern coast of Cammh, gain experience in the quests to be found there. Explore the walls of Castle Harfang, and the city of Connelaithe on Bannagh.


Curr is the central island and the capital of the Empire of Karradan, now reduced, after the Axing, to a collection of three major and several smaller islands south of Angalon and east of Mineth. There you will find Valkorn's Mill and the growing village of Lagahavenn. A noted historian has discovered ancient ruins in a nearby cavern system. Just past the logging camp, is the west beach of Lake Al-seyne, also known as Niruel's Mirror, where you can build sandcastles. And there are rumours of winged dragons flying over the great forest south of the village.


Grammh is the easternmost island of the Empire of Karradan. Long ago, evil Karradani wizards were exiled to this island when they were vanquished in a war over control of the empire after the cataclysmic Axing. While you may never see the elusive descendents of those wizards, you may visit Mistress Olja's wondrous perfumery, then step next door where her sister, Ilja, sells the finest caviar in all of Angalon. Intrepid travelers tell tales of spooky caves in the cold heart of a nearby mountain.


For many generations after the Axing, all contact with the inhabitants of Ralith, the westernmost island of the Empire of Karradan, was lost. But a colony founded by the merchant Rostoff on the southern cape of the island has flourished and is now the newest duchy in the empire.


Qaz has the coldest climate in Angalon, with vexing fog and geysers. Natural beauty and unique inhabitants make Qaz an exciting place to visit. Located south of Angalon and and east of the Islands, a vast area of high mountain ranges, forested hills and rolling plains make up this untamed region. In the mountains, and east of the mountain range, the climate is severely cold. West of the mountain range, the climate is more moderate. A thick blanket of fog obscures the south. Isolated groups of native peoples (called the Trazilori) are hardened to the cold, and use nature as their ally. Rumours of light and dark magic abound. The Trazilori share that coldness when dealing with other people, but there is a steady flow of immigrants that are glad to see people from around the world.


Sylynx is the largest known village of native Trazilori. The life there is more modern there than any other Trazilori habitation, but the villagers still hold to their old ways of disliking strangers.

The Faire

The faire is a travelling circus. It moves between the towns and cities of Angalon - if you should chance upon it, make the most of it! You may have to search it out elsewhere tomorrow. The Faire has travelled in the past to Kyshoor, Mineth, Sebron, Rostoff and Angalon town.

Dhall Atoll

Dhall Atoll is a tropical atoll with a lush jungle and a beautiful warm lagoon. The sandy rim provides a beautiful, sheltered place to swim. You can reach Dhall Atoll by sea from Sebron.


Maables is a very strange island featuring a stack of huge, round boulders. Its origins seem particularly magical - perhaps a brave adventurer could solve the riddle of the boulders. Maables can be reached by sea from Sebron.

The Icebergs

The icebergs of the Treacherous Ocean are a dangerous place. Crevasses and strange creatures coexist on these floating islands. There are some treasures to be gained from the creatures living on the icebergs, so you may find a ship willing to take you there from Sebron. Be sure to dress warmly, or else it could be a one way trip!

Dur Galeden

Located in the scenic Black Peak mountains, the dwarves of Dur Galeden enjoy drinking, singing, and mining. The mountains provide rich deposits of ore for the dwarven community, a source of economic growth. There are rumours of many undiscovered creatures hidden in the depths of the mountains, and the Thane bodyguards have sworn to protect the dwarven community. Dur Galeden also serves as a way-point connnecting Kyshoor and Emerald Village.

Young Valley

Located a short wagon ride northwest of Angalon town, Young Valley is known to the adventurer community as a low-key game reserve. Be sure to check out Trader Bob's!


The valley of Umdale lies northeast of Kyshoor in the Dragon's Teeth Mountains. Umdale is inhabited by peaceful farmers, despite that dangerous creatures roam in the wilderness surrounding it. Recently, some daring, or maybe desperate, merchants and adventurers have made a camp in the valley. The camp can be reached from Kyshoor.



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