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The Tower
There is a rocky promontory, standing alone
And upon this point a tower reaches skyward
Stabbing towards the heavens, majestically
Soaring to magnificent heights, like a bird.

It's grown over with ivy now
Lending life to the lonely monument
A splash of colour on a windswept coast
Forsaken, wondering where the builders went.

It sits and dreams now, sunk in the past
When laughter rang out through its halls
Memories of good times and bad
Of angry shouts and children's playful calls.

The seasons have come and gone
And will again, bringing stinging storms
Blossoms and breeze-driven leaves
And sunny days, lazy and warm.

Once it was a place of learning and cheer
Once, people came and shared their lives
Now it is simply a sillohouette on the sea
Made of stone and overgrown with ivy.

-Composed by Minstrel