In the early morning, the smell of the fields,
No money for inns, against the cold, your armour you wield,
Thinking where to go, in this beautiful hostile world,
Should I run or should I hide, would I hunt to gain some pride?
Running into quests, to gain some wisdom,
Hoping to find the Tower, somewhere in this kingdom,
The kingdom of Angalon, the world that has always been,
With the most beautiful places, things you'd never seen.

Thinking of all of this, you pack your bags,
But you can't stand...A snake bit your legs.
Nearly panicked you fetch your spellbook,
You use your mana to cast a Breath of Life,
Thinking this world is ruled by strife!
But as feeling comes back, so does your mood,
You begin your journey, 'Yo, wagondriver! Off to Mystic Wood!'

As you disembark your wagon,
You are already picturing yourself slaying a dragon.
Smiling at the taste of victory, picturing it all,
You walk into a spidertrap and have a big fall,
No one to help, no one to call!

You fight for your life, but the terror is obsolete,
You hurt, you are posoined, the panic is complete!
Your body screams, "Retreat, retreat!"

You grab your breath and begin to run,
Thinking, "Oh my god! What have I begun!"

As you leave the spider behind,
A cloud gets into your mind...
As you think, "Oh no! The poison!" you already fall down,
Squirming around, feeling like a clown...
As the poison wears off,
You stand up, your throat still rough...

And suddenly a sound of snapping branch,
You look and see somebody searching for his friends.
You team up and smile okay,
You tell him about the spider there to slay.

Suddenly every thing changes,
You two slay the spider and walk together...
As a team the fights go better.
After a long day, you are feeling real cool,
Who thought they could take us! They must be big fools!

At the shop, you sell your things,
The figure shows you, there are days where you have some wins!
Collecting the coins, smiling at your money,
You put it in your bag, loving it like your honey.

With your money, you enter an inn...
Next day won't start, like it was in the begin!
You won't have to think about how cold the night has been...


Czero @ angalon