An Ode to the Players by Thoth

Listen to tales of years long ago,
Which included adventure, excitement and lore.
Solving the quests, defeating a foe.
These are the goals great players strive for.

Many players have roamed these lands.
Some are mighty, some are weak, some look for strife.
Few are your enemey, most are your friends
And all are needed, for diversity spawns life.

The vast land of Angalon has much to offer,
For the explorers and the questers, the chatters and the slayers.
But with all its majesty and clandestine splendor,
This land is barren, without any players.

The soul of Angalon is not words on screen,
For the driver alone does not make it load.
The true life of Angalon are the variety of people,
Whose personalities supply the code.

So for people who are quick to criticize and judge,
I say to you these words, down deep from my soul.
With every chastising word, every snide remark,
A player is lost and a piece of the whole.

So to all citizens of Great Angalon,
Mighty and proud you should stand!
I praise you for supplying the most vital component,
The lifeblood that supports the land......