Birth of a Dream

A long time ago, the destined time rolled nigh,
And the pantheon of gods met on their lofty high.
The fate of a world hung in the balance,
And so the proceedings were conducted hence:

A company we must have, was the unanimous feeling,
A company to which all hopes must cling,
For evil's hand,
now stalks the land.

And the gods put together their most precious power,
A marvellous magic where creation would flower,
And one by one, the created their avatars,
As intrinsic to the universe as the very stars.

First they created a leader, Darius, powerful and wise,
To help the group sort through the deceptions and lies.

Next was created Hyena, a garrulous knight,
The rock of the team, in life or a fight.

They created Jax, a strapping warrior with a knowing smile,
The balance between speed, power and guile.

To preserve the universal balance, with good, evil must come,
So thinking, they created the Lord of Darkness, Grum.

The gods then created Sasha, to represent the opposite pole,
A strong and wise woman with an unblemished soul.

And last of all, they created the one who would contain
knowledge and truth, the evil one's bane.
Minstrel was his name, and his name was his profession,
And when the quest over, he would record the mission.

The company was assembled, each had their role to play,
Some with weapon of steel, others with arts fey.
"Ye shall be our hammer," declared the gods, "And level our blow,"
"And death it shall be to our enemy and foe."

So saying, they transported their avatars to earth,
To help the Archipelego achieve its rebirth.
The company started out for the legendary Deep Vale,
Knowing that more than their lives were at stake should they fail.