It was an arduous journey to the Vale of lost dreams,
For nothing around it is what it seems.
But worst of all, during this time evil had prepared,
And sent its own avatars against those who dared.

The Evil Champion stood implacably in the company's way,
In its eyes were hints of the fey,
And its sword promised death to all who approached,
As it stared at the company who had dared to encroach.

Silently it attacked, with power and speed,
But it was the company that finally finished the deed.
The champion slain, its armour was put to use,
For coated by evil, it could well stand evil's abuse.

Darius led on, through the deceptions of the deeper land,
And their march into the Deep Vale was impressive and grand,
No force could have held them back now, their destiny was in sight
But they still had to win through the Land of Eternal Night.

Winged flamrens, demonic guards, challaenged them at each turn,
But many flew away when the strength of this team they did learn.
Mantuls also, war pets of the demons, attacked and fought but,
They fell quickly before Darius' sword's sure cut.

And all too soon, they stood before the throne of the demon king,
And rather than show fear, across its face spread a slow grin,
It drew forth its sword, a talisman of unspeakable ken,
An evil weapon for the ages, from the time of the Shadowen.

Spirit Eater was its name and it was aptly named,
For within it a hungry entity flamed.
The sword could suck spirit from even the strongest of mortals,
With no way no combat it, except if it the body could null.

Laughter sprang from the throat of the Suti-Gral, witch-king,
But as battle was joined, Minstrel began to sing...
He sang of hope, triumph and joy,
And the aura of evil, the song did destroy.

Robbed of its ability to inspire fear from sheer evilness,
It put the Spirit Eater to the work it knew best,
It sliced through the air, battling Hyena and Darius,
Brushing off all the rest as mere annoyance.

But others, like Sasha and Grum, began to make the evil lord pay,
Hitting it with both evil and good, and then Sasha began to pray.
She brought down the wrath of the gods up above,
For, more than the rest, she represented the power of love.

And love is not something that evil can stand,
As Sasha's lightning flew from her hand.
Truth was the other thing that was the bane of evil,
And Minstrel embodied that among mortals.

His shining scimitar flashed with the certainties of truth and light,
And he helped to help drive back the night,
And then, through him, the gods had their say,
And the echo rang out, "Hammer away!"

And then did the company retake up the fight,
The end of the Suti-Gral was definately in sight.
And then Darius leveled the killing blow,
Ridding the world of horror and foe.

The fight was over, the battle was won, and smiles were in evidence,
This battle had been won due to the gods' common sense,
For while evil fought singly and alone,
Good had fought together, and set the tone.