A Leaf  by Thoth

There is no greater sacrifice,
Then the life of a Leaf.
It grows, it gives, it produces life.
The only reward, sorrow and grief.

In the beginning, there is growth and vigor.
The stemming of a bud, the growth of a vein.
Green pigment of life courses through it's shell.
Strong cuticle encases it, shielding all pain.

The leaf then begins to carry out its purpose
By harvesting enery, in the form of light.
It captures the beams, stores them as starch.
Supplying the tree with power, giving strength and might.

But when the sun hides it head for the coldness of winter,
The leaf is exhausted, it has given its all.
Reward for the leaf is a merciful gesture.
Abscission of the stem, the leaf begins to fall.

But do not be sad, please do not mourn.
For this one will simple moment the leaf will forego,
Being moved by the wind, falling gently to ground,
Is to be closer to heaven then we ever know.